• John Chiverton

A Pat on the Back

I received a rather lovely review from a long-time client today. I've been looking after Paul's IT for many years, covering many upgrades, repairs, operating systems, etc.

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Paul represented several agencies across the UK, and frequently traveled as part of his work. I developed an ordering system for him within Microsoft Excel, using an extensive amount of VBA coding, that integrated with his existing Access database. This allowed him to continue working while on the road, even when he was offline, and easily sync his work to his main database once back at base.

Paul doesn't currently have a Facebook account, but gave me permission to post his recommendation here. I can't tag him, so I thanked him with a phone call.

"I recently had several issues with my PC, some of which were caused by the wonderful Windows Spring updates.

John was prompt in replying to my message for help, and very professional in his approach.

Asking him questions was never a problem, he explained in normal terms what he was doing and ultimately what was wrong, and what he had done.

He is very experienced in the IT world, and I would thoroughly recommend him."

Paul Taylor

As an experienced IT Consultant with fingers placed in many pies over the years, I can provide you with reliable, expert advice and services.

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